Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nazeer's way of making me jealous

Fabrizio Santos from Brazil

The badass Spanky Long

Thanks for the photos Nazeer. Lucky Bastard!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Alfrey Noor's Series of Fortunate Events

So i left home feeling a wee bit uneasy about my shoe cos it was falling a part right? I though I sud get me sum silicon. met fach bout 5 at 204. Ah yit was already at the station. chilled for abit and saw a bombshell...the kind that make u feel like u saw a shooting star...the kind that wud make u want to turn over a new leaf.

hadi the teacher was already sitting on the curb alone when we got to dhoby. then it was pretty much that untill.

-spotted a minah who was checking ayit out. according to him her muka suka buat anak.
-then he crashed his knee cap into the edge of the curb.
-then came farhan(biol), ash, syadi(buy bread),hafiz and ajim.
-hadi and went to daiso. we had a debate on which coloured silicon stick to pick
there were yellow, blue and red.
-ajim beat me at S K A T E
-norms appeared with 2 fellas
-ah chit and the rockers came from someset
-we started to do this retarded thing. i loved it! every time a hot girl or a group of 'em walked by we'd stop skating and clap. it turn into a long and deliberate applause. IT WAS AWESOME!!! i just thought its more respectful than cat calls and whistles.
-ayena appeared.
-ayena dis-appeared
-went to bencoolon to have prata. the one across nafa with the anti-spell check menu.
-there was a post gig crowd.
-hafiz said that place damn hardcore.
-ayena appeared
-everyone went to memo in biol's ride.
-ash forgot he left his bag on top of biol's ride.
-ayena dis -appeared
-ivan arrives.
-the go sport boys were already there punishing the bench
-the rockers joins us
-Lily,ZooBay & Co arrives at memo...supprised to see me and teases me the whole night until


-fach brought a spare kingpin!!
-achit had tools!!!!!!!
-it was already flushed with the baseplate
-alot of fancy ideas were thrown around
-many unsuccessful attempts later...

Wan Black- if u move one of the stools there's 2 bolts sticking out frm the ground. if u align just right and slam the stool it should pop out.


4 attemps later with Wan screaming COME ON!!!!! TAKE IT LIKE A MAN!!!!!

i'm really much happier that its in pieces rather than it being whole and giving me false hope that the remaining part of the kingpin would come out... some how.
thank you for 10 years. u have been amazing.

oh god it was such a good laugh. stuff of legends.
then hadi offered his spare truck and wheels, ivan said he might have a spare baseplate. that was love la...lol
anyways we ended up at cbd. got screened and the a cop called ajim ANJING...by accident. I SO WANTED TO PUNCH HIM IN THE MOUTH....fucking ignorant.

walau random la..
cup noodle and bluberry tea.
lily and co poped by again so it was awesome catching up.
...travel stories
hafiz discovered Barcalona....travel dok

took the first train to kembangan. napped. woke up and showed nik my baseplate.
he forced me to take his trucks and wheels. ben windy heights called out of the blue just to say what up. told him briefly and he told to pick up a board from his place. i get there and he's with TWO complete set ups. and they were pretty impressive too!!!


i took the train back to yishun with THREE BOARDS


Words by: Alfrey Noor

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rainy March

Where would you skate on a rainy March, when the monsoon winds cover tiny Singapore? Kfad and Hafiz head down to AMK (Ang Mo Kio) Banks to do some covers for Hanafie Kamsani. If some of you have not heard the news, Hanafie just release a skateboarding video "Room 4 Improvements". Try to look for it on youtube or something.

Hanafie with his posse

A little closer

Not the boner you might think

Wet tre flip fakie

Saturday, February 14, 2009

First ever skateboarding premiere

This is how we break it down. Our bros from Loveskatepark.com is organising a FREE secret video screening in a cinematic setting of Alien Workshop's "MINDFEILD". To date, the location of the theater and time slot remains unknown.

Did I say it's free? Yes I DID SAY ITS FREE!

Anyway, for you to get hold of the location and timeslot for this event.... all you have to do is
2)Register yourself
3)You will receive an email from them, in that email will contain the SECRET location and time.

Tell your friends, bring your girlfriend and her best friends.

Chill Kalimans

Chill chill chill chill chill chill
This blog was a little stale for some time. Fug that.
Goods stuff is coming up. To be precise, www.ryiot.com

You guys will figure it out pretty soon.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Optic Spasm

frontside tailslide

Holiday season is here, Christmas/ New Year/ Student vacation. blablablablabla. You probably get the whole picture and wouldn't care less for what is written. Anyway, we ,manage to do a little skating this week without being distracted by how well town a.k.a orchard road, is decorated in. The constant waves of fellow human and vehicles, drowning enlightened individuals in stink and sweats. But without all of these little details, the atmosphere of a holiday season won't exist. It will simply be, just like any other night.

Back to bitz-ness.

frontside crooks

fronside smith

backside crooks